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Healthcare and  workforce consulting that suit your needs


Practice managers are vital to the successful running of GP surgeries. Primary Healthcare Partners can provide the essential tools and personnel to help you achieve an efficient, functioning, and safe environment for your team.


These responsibilities broadly cover the strategic planning, administrative and essential business aspects of the surgery.

As reference a breakdown of this includes:

  • Business planning

  • Handling financial systems for the practice, including payroll

  • Training and supervising non-clinical staff

  • Developing and supervising appointment systems that work well for patients and clinicians

  • Ensuring accurate records are kept, and liaising with local health organisations such as clinical commissioning groups

  • Developing strategies for the practice on issues such as computer systems and security, expanding or changing services, and long-term services


A Primary Care Network (PCN) is an alliance of GP surgeries working collaboratively with other healthcare, social care and voluntary organisations to improve patient services. Primary Healthcare partners have extensive experience in setting up and managing successful PCN's. 

We have invested in the provision of a variety of key roles such as additional GP coverage, clinical director/leadership, digital transformation lead and facilitating management.

We can work alongside you and provide solutions for the following: 

  • Recruitment

  • Forming further healthcare alliances/networking 

  • Achieve the DES and IIF targets

  • Winter Access and OOH/Enhanced Hours Clinics

  • All HR and Payroll related matters 

We can also assist you with setting up your PCN independently as a Limited Company or equally guidance with imbedding into a practice


We can put a package together and manage everything from:

  • Data validation

  • Calculations

  • Payroll processing

  • BACS

  • Payslip distribution via an app or email

  • Managing of your payroll


Our team will always ensure your payroll is accurate on time, and compliant with changing legislation.


Digital Transformation is key to linking between your clinical and managerial teams. Incorporating this technology can change the way an organisation operates and provides efficiency with systems, processes and workflow. This enhances each level of an organisation, brings data across areas to work together more effectively.

Benefits of having a digital and transformation lead are:

  • Improve service quality

  • Drive growth

  • Improve the patient's experience

  • Improve collaboration within and across health and social care

  • Support GP, PCN and NHS branding

  • Delivery of digital tools

  • Website development 

  • Social networking 

  • Staff training


Primary Healthcare Partners offer affordable workforce solutions to General Practice. We can assist with provision of locum, bank staff and permanent positions. All our candidates are fully compliant.

PH Partners can supply the following positions:

  • General Practitioner

  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner

  • Prescribing Nurse Practitioner

  • Nurse

  • GP Assistant

  • Health Care Assistant

  • Pharmacy Technician

  • Pharmacist

  • Phlebotomist

  • Practice Manager

  • Digital and Transformational Lead

  • Paramedic

  • Physiotherapist

  • Care Navigator

  • Secretary

  • Prescription Clerk

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