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Just one great partnership with the right team can have an incredible impact on your business success

Ensuring the safe preservation of a GP surgery is one of the most important considerations for any partner. At a time where there are constant talks of restructuring primary care and a sense of uncertainty placed on contract ownership, we at PHP want to secure your contract through a number of service packages as detailed below.


An annual fee will provide a silent partnership for single handed and multiple partnered NHS contract holders. This will provide support and security to avoid those in other sectors bidding for contracts when they are due for renewal.

An annual fee/monthly subscription will cover all of the above along with the additional services in relation to ensuring due diligence is current and practice remains compliant and safe at all times. This will provide the extra level of security for your practice. This input will be once a year and we will work you with to create a timeline and set up scheduled reminders for important deadlines and due diligence for policies,  procedures and safe practice. Our input will include working with you individually to create a structured CQC pack. 


An annual fee/monthly subscription will cover all of the above and in addition there will be very specific financial and HR support for your practice.

This will be an annual fee/monthly subscription which again includes all of the above and in addition we will provide regular monthly input and updates for your practice, as well as one to one visits where required. There will be access to a digital and transformation lead who will work with you in a consultancy role to ensure compliance with NHS branding and system processes. This package provides the highest level of security and ensures your surgery is performing optimally. 


further bolt ins can be added to all packages and be tailored to the client’s needs and upgraded at anytime. This keeps primary care in the hands of those working in general practice whilst retaining your autonomy. 


Branching off from this is a digital package, which can also be offered and integrated for an additional fee. 

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